Ralph Nader on Obama: This is not the black president I thought I knew

Simply the perfect ironic ending to the left’s week-long hunt through McCain’s ads for racist subtext. Ed pegged this cretin the last time he demagogued Obama on race, noting that while the words “Uncle Tom” were never uttered the aspersions cast on his racial authenticity made the message come through loud and clear. Roger that:

“People who have fought the civil rights battle — politically, economically, legally — as we have since the 50’s would often talk about, ‘Look what would happen if we had an African-American president or chairpersons of major congressional committees,'” said Nader. “It doesn’t look like it’s going to be what we all thought it would be.”

“I lost respect for him,” Nader said of Obama “when I saw him over a year ago on C-SPAN vigorously opposed to the impeachment of Bush and Cheny — vigorously opposed. He said it would be ‘divisive’. That is a cop out word. We have the most multiply impeachable presidency in American history.”…

Nader portrayed Obama’s recent softening of his opposition to off-shore drilling as part of a broader effort to blur his differences with Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz. Nader charged that the “blurring” that Obama is engaged in would prove to be a “fatal mistake.”

“That’s part of his blurring,” said Nader, referring to Obama’s new stance on drilling. “His handlers said, ‘McCain is scoring here.’ So he blurs, he blurs.”

The condescension of that first paragraph is simply exquisite. The NYT Magazine’s cover story this coming Sunday asks whether Obama spells the end of “black politics.” Answer: Obviously not, so long as there are people to his left willing to racialize their disappointment in the fact that he’s merely socialist-ish instead of fully, gloriously socialist. I tell you, that quasi-endorsement from David Duke makes more sense every day. Exit question, per Obama’s own descent into demagoguery last week: Who’s on the dollar bill in Ralph Nader’s mind? Eldridge Cleaver?

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