Video: "McCain Girl and the Enchanted Republican Forest"

Number one with a bullet today on YouTube’s list of most viewed News & Politics videos. Some lefty blogger snarked at us this morning for being the sort of people who found “The Half-Hour News Hour” funny — which, er, we didn’t, but which would have been a worthy zinger if we had since that show’s humor appealed to the sort of cloddish partisanship that relishes having its worst stereotypes of the other side flattered. Kind of like this clip, or pretty much any viral lefty attempt at humor, really. What’s weird is that we know how highly intelligent the left is, yet intelligence typically prizes subtlety in wit. What to make then of a right-wing cartoon platypus from Flatbush calling people “faggots”? We’ll chalk it up to irony, in all its mysteries.

In fairness, this is actually exceedingly mild for this genre. And the blonde is, let us admit, superb.