Video: The sadly obligatory "Montauk Monster" post

In the immortal words of the governor of California, “What de hell ahh you?” The first time I looked, I thought it was a Photoshop. The second time, I remembered Hogzilla and figured it was a camera trick. The third time, I noticed that the “beak” isn’t a beak at all but part of the skull protruding through a hole in the decomposing flesh. Therein lies the answer, although the remains are conveniently MIA to prevent testing. Click here for a little scientific mythbusting — or don’t if you’d prefer to wonder. The reporter in the clip has a great exit question, but here’s one of my own: Is this really the most grotesque creature to be found on tri-state area beaches?

Update: Looks like the last link no longer works. Try this one. Content warning.