Video: "Both Ways Barack"

Behold the wages of a few too many “inartful” policy statements, courtesy of the conservative 501(c)(4) Let Freedom Ring. It’s a nice try but too ambitious, I think: To convince people that a guy touted in the press as the avatar of a new brand of politics is talking out of both sides of his mouth, you need to provide specifics. I know what they mean when they say he’s trying to have it both ways on guns and Iraq but even I came away with a gut feeling of, “C’mon, he can’t be that bad.” Better to have hit him on one of these issues and supplied details or else spun it out to a minute and explained all three.

Exit question: Per ABC’s new standard by which all political discourse must conform to the standards of the most hypersensitive, disingenuous leftist idiots, the title of the ad is clearly a homophobic smear, yes? Click the image to watch.