It’s come to this: ABC accuses McCain of using subliminal messages in Obama ad

posted at 9:15 pm on July 18, 2008 by Allahpundit

The perfect ending to “It’s just a f***ing cartoon” week. See if you can figure out from this screencap what the accusation is before clicking the link:


Now watch to see how long that particular image is onscreen:

If images of sleeping white children equal Klan propaganda and the word “elitist” equals a racial slur and a video transfer artifact equals nefarious skin-darkening hijinks, then — yeah, I guess this amounts to accusing Obama of being a terrorist. What elevates the ABC piece from idiocy to evil genius, though, is this flourish, which proves not that they learned no lesson from the New Yorker fiasco but that they learned exactly the wrong lesson:

A McCain aide told ABC that it was primarily put together by an editor who had about 48 hours to throw it together in advance of Obama’s foreign trip.

Still, in this era of hyper-analysis — and in the very week that a non-subtle New Yorker cover was blasted as beyond the bounds of satire — should something like this have slipped by Team McCain?

They’re using the overreaction of elitist imbeciles earlier in the week not as a cautionary tale for everyone to mellow out but as reason to ratchet up the paranoia. Think of it as a negligence case, with the insane uproar over the New Yorker cover serving as the new legal standard of reasonableness: Because the leftist intelligentsia is (a) nuts, and (b) known to fly off the handle for political advantage at any opportunity, it was therefore foreseeable that they’d scrutinize McCain’s ads for subliminal messages, which in turn makes McCain negligent for not vetting his ads to make sure they’re safe for nuts to watch. Is it too soon for another vacation?

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OK, admit it, this is from The Onion, right?
No one with any connection to reality can reach that far into the absurd and keep a straight face.

Boot Hill on July 20, 2008 at 11:09 AM

ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, along with the ten largest newspapers have already admitted they will not be objective during this election. Everyone had better get used to a daily barrage from what used to be news sources – to the tune of ‘if you don’t vote for the messiah, you are a racist’. I still don’t think most on this site yet grasp just how bad the propaganda will be from the ‘press’ this fall.

Think_b4_speaking on July 21, 2008 at 11:43 AM