Woman with 14% approval rating: Bush is a total failure

This is big news, apparently, although I haven’t the slightest idea why. Rhetorically it’s par for the course among the Democratic leadership; by the base’s standards, it’s downright polite. We’ve already reached the point, remember, of House Democrats “joking” openly at public hearings about Al Qaeda killing Bush administration officials. Be happy that she stopped short of wishing him death. Or is the objection that what she said was inaccurate? Per his approval rating (and the fact that the GOP wants to get his appearance at the convention out of the way on the first night), most of the country agrees that he’s a failure. Chalk the hyperbole in the word “total” up to irritation at the fact that his ratings, miserable though they are, are still twice as high as hers and of course to the sort of mindless Democratic partisan exaggeration that leads morons like Harry Reid to insist as recently as a month ago that Iraq was trapped in an “intractable civil war.”

Click the image to watch. Or better yet, skip it and follow this link for video of this loser trying and totally failing to explain to Wolf Blitzer why we can’t drill offshore in protected areas even though 73% of the public wants it and the oil companies say it represents a more robust opportunity than dry-land drilling. Single digits, here she comes!