John McCain presents: "The Obama Iraq documentary"

Why attack your opponent on an issue in which ~60% of the public has come around to the position he held six years ago? Answer: They’re not. This isn’t really a video about Iraq. It’s a video about transforming Barack Obama, farsighted foreign policy sage and avatar of post-partisan principle, into Barack Obama, leftist defeatist and political opportunist, in the public mind. Re-read Byron York’s interview with an unnamed Democratic analyst from a few days ago: “If McCain can turn him into a politician, Obama has lost his advantage.” The data doesn’t lie.

Expect a McCain Iraq documentary, chock full of hawkish, optimistic quotes circa 2002, from the Obama camp forthwith. Exit question: As effective as this is, given the length and the lopsided lefty advantage in online readership, who’s going to sit through it?

Update: Actually, this might make a more effective topic for a rebuttal documentary.