Video: "It's just a f***ing cartoon"

Commendable as an example of Stewart not letting the left cow him into laying off Obama for the good of The Cause, although (a) given the nature of the Daily Show it’s not like they had much choice in which side of the debate to take, and (b) aside from the cutting line about Muslim extremists, this is more of an attack on media bien-pensant hypocrisy than on St. Barack. I assume this was taped before Obama himself finally weighed in last night on Larry King sounding some of the same notes as Stewart — it’s just a cartoon, no one much cares, etc etc. That’s vintage Barry O: He lets his lackeys shovel crap for him while he remains angelically above the fray, forever the voice of reason amid the tumult ginned up by the bottom-feeders in his own camp. If Stewart’s looking for a comic angle on him, there’s plenty of ore to mine in that.

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