Video: McCain flip-flops on the DREAM Act -- or does he?

The boss says yes, I say not really. Here’s the clip from the DNC, juxtaposing Maverick’s answer to a questioner at the La Raza conference yesterday with what he told righty bloggers in a conference call last October:

Truncating quotes to fit their agenda is a DNC specialty so I e-mailed Patrick Hynes, McCain’s web liaison, to see if he had a transcript of the full answer McCain gave to the questioner. Quote:

QUESTIONER: Hi. I’m a part of One Dream 2009 and I am one of the 6 million who either have an undocumented parent or is undocumented and I wanted to know if you would support humanity all around the world and support our Dream Act that we are trying to pass.

SEN. JOHN MCCAIN: Yes. Yes. Thank you. But I will also enforce the existing laws of a country. And a nation’s first requirement is the nation’s security, and that’s why we have to have our borders secured. But, we can have a way and a process of people obtaining citizenship in this country. And, we cannot penalize people who come here legally and people who wait legally. And so, that’s a fundamental principle on which we have to operate. Thank you.

That’s not inconsistent with what he told the bloggers. Watch the clip again; he said he’d vote no on the DREAM Act because we haven’t secured the borders yet. He’s not opposed to it in principle, in other words, he simply wants to delay passage until he has something to show conservatives by way of enforcement — as John McCain defines “enforcement” — and then Congress can have its amnesty jamboree. Feel better?