Galloway: "I'm off to Iran before Israel bombs it"

I confess, until reading this I had no idea that he had his own show on Press TV. I knew that he was “an excuse-maker for totalitarianism and an apologist for nihilistic religious violence,” and I knew that his excuse-making and apologism often carried him into the serpent’s lair. But not until now did I realize he had a formal relationship with Iran’s English-language propaganda apparatus. I should have guessed.

BY the time you read this, I will be in Iran. I’ve never been there before, never met an Iranian leader – I don’t even like the present Iranian leadership – so remember all that, because it might become important…

I’m going for the first anniversary of Press TV, on which I present two programmes – Comment at 10.30pm on Thursdays and The Real Deal at 10.30pm on Sundays.

This week I hope to meet Ali Larijani, formerly Iran’s nuclear negotiator, now speaker of the Iranian parliament and, I hope, the next president.

Larijani proved beyond even the CIA’s attempt at contradiction that Iran is acting entirely within her legal rights to develop nuclear power…

Israel, which has hundreds of nuclear weapons, seems to be planning to attack a country with none with the support of France, Britain and the US and all in the name of, er, checking the spread of nuclear weapons in that region.

Read it all or else you’ll miss his stirring tribute at the end to the prospect of Iran defending itself “by all means necessary.” A solution at last to the “this Palestine problem”? Dare to my dream, my friends. And read this too; it’s a response to Galloway written in March by British lefty gay rights activist Peter Tatchell, wondering why Gorgeous George would go so far as to minimize Tehran’s crimes against gays with snide remarks about the “khaki war machine” having taken on “a tinge of pink.” Simple: Any serious criticism of Iran makes things marginally easier for hawks, therefore there shall be no serious criticism of Iran.