Video: Time mag editor blames conservative bloggers for Michelle Obama rumor

Via Matt Lewis, behold Jay Carney, the only Internet user in America who doesn’t know that true blue Hillary stooge Larry Johnson was the prime mover behind the “whitey” nonsense. What’s the best part of this? The fact that it came during a segment devoted to lamenting all the unfair accusations being leveled during this campaign? The fact that Carney inexplicably goes out of his way to repeat the substance of the “whitey” rumor, something the boss was too ethical to do during her appearance on Fox yesterday? Or the fact that it comes on a day when even Kos is crediting National Review with helping to debunk Johnson’s lies? Congrats, Jay: You’ve out-nutrootsed the nutroots.

Update: Good point in the comments from Seixon:

Anyone else reeling at Mitchell and another journalist criticizing the practice of circulating rumors, when that’s practically all they do all day long? What about the crazy-important meeting between Clinton and Obama, where every source except for FOX News was circulating a rumor, and basing themselves off of it in placing personnel, on the location of the meeting?