Video: Iranian film critics expose the secret Zionist subtext of ... "Chicken Run"

Come along as we dive headfirst into a bottomless well of irony, in which the same degenerates who produce and support the production by others of the filthiest, most vicious child-abusing propaganda in the Middle East bemoan the mind-shaping influence of Nick Park’s claymation chickens. In its use of sophisticated discourse to further the most primitive ends, it’s the intellectual equivalent of Mark Steyn’s old column about Sudanese villagers spreading rumors about penis-shrinking witchcraft via cell phones and text messages. Don’t think this is a fluke bit of idiocy, either; these agenda-pushing deconstructions of Hollywood entertainment pop up regularly on Iranian TV, although as I said once before, the substance of the criticism tends to run pretty narrowly. Verdict: Slightly nuttier than the allegation that Disney is a Zionist stooge, but not as nutty as “Tom and Jerry” as a Jewish conspiracy. Click the image to watch.