Reid goes there: McCain's "explosive" temper makes him unfit to serve

He’s been going there since early February, in fact, although the frequency with which he’s hammering this point has picked up over the last month as the left’s begun to reorient towards the general election. I’m not surprised they’d push a meme this ugly or stupid, implicitly premised as it is on the idea that McCain might be so deranged from his POW captivity that he’d actually start a war or launch some nukes in a fit of anger. I am, however, surprised that they’d task Reid with doing it, and so early. Makes me wonder if Jake Tapper wasn’t right this morning in reading a subtle attack on McCain’s age into Kerry’s and Susan Rice’s criticism of him as being “confused” about Iraq. The talking point writ large: McCain’s unstable. Why, just ask his Senate colleagues! Exit question recycled from this post: If his temper’s uncontrollable, how has he managed to control it in public without one slip-up during 15 months of grueling campaigning?

Update: Who’s confused?