Obama community blogs bring hope, change to enemies of "Jewish lobby"; Update: Post disappeared

Via Israel Matzav, enjoy this while it lasts because soon the only trace of that nifty “Jew Senator Lieberman” graphic that accompanies it will be in Google’s cache. Not an isolated incident either, as Charles Johnson helpfully notes.

Another day, another constituency laboring under the assumption that Barry O’s not a true blue Zionist at heart. For all his vaunted communication skills, the poor guy seems to be surrounded by people who misunderstand him, and vice versa — Wright, Pfleger, Rezko, critics of Israel. What’s a rhetorical genius have to do to get the people who know him and love him best to take him seriously?

Update: Not only is the post gone, but Charles says they’ve gone the extra mile and taken measures to scrub it from the Google cache and Internet archive too. (How is that possible?) Note to self: Next time you see something like this at Obama HQ, be sure to screencap. Luckily, Charles was way ahead of me.

Update: Spring cleaning comes late as a Truthers for Obama post gets flushed.