Pfleger on Hillary and McCain: "They got some old weak preacher"; Update: Pfleger posts apology

Not “they have some old weak preacher,” as that would be insufficiently “authentic.” They got some old weak preacher, which is doubtless true if you define weakness as being unappreciative of the glorious chicken-roostin’ righteousness of jumbo jets crashing into the Trade Center. Definitely listen to the audio on this one (starting around 15:00), as Tapper’s transcript omits Pfleger mocking the simplistic message which he suspects Hillary’s and McCain’s pastors are delivering — i.e. that “Jesus loves you.”

Do note that this was recorded last week, before Reverend Vanilla Ice, as JWF dubs him, had his miraculous epiphany that his rhetoric might be unhelpful to Obama’s campaign. He apologized again today to his parishioners. Exit question: What other pearls of wisdom, I wonder, are lurking in his audio archives?

Update: Via Gateway Pundit, here’s Reverend Ice’s apology for the earlier Hillary mockery. He’s really sorry — sorry that your priorities are so screwy that you care about this more than earthquakes, sorry that you can’t distinguish a “dramatization” from mockery, sorry that you think the YouTube stuff is representative of his views even though of course Wright’s YT soundbites were in fact representative of his, and sorry that you don’t recognize his striving to be an “agent of reconciliation,” like when he’s threatening to snuff people out. Oh, and we also find out that this has been more painful for him than when his foster son was murdered. Yes, really.