Yawn: Olbermann compares right-wingers to jihadists

Whenever I post about him, inevitably half a dozen angry comments follow demanding to know why I keep posting about him, as though he’s too inconsequential to warrant five minutes of precious blog energy. Newsflash: I posted an eleven-year-old soccer video today. Content is content. But after watching this I’m reconsidering those comments, not because he’s not worth my time but because he’s so shameless that he’s basically impervious to charges of hypocrisy. No one on television takes greater (or rather, more histrionic) exception when the left is labeled soft on terror, yet no one but no one is quicker to equate his own opponents with actual terrorists. Fox News is “worse than Al Qaeda” and as dangerous as the Klan; the Republican Party is “the leading terrorist group in this country right now”; Michelle and the “lunatic fringe” are “fascists” and “the people in this country who most closely share the mentality of the terrorists.” Ironically, the only evildoers in the Olbyverse who don’t seem to be guilty of terrorism are … actual terrorists themselves. His show is one long serial exercise in questioning the patriotism of people he disagrees with, yet heaven forbid that the cause of Progress ever suffer the same indignity. So here he is, either oblivious to his own rhetoric or fully aware and fully indifferent, hammering away on the bloggy equivalent of the 9/11 hijackers or Nazi camp guards or whichever demon he’ll use tomorrow to demagogue conservatives. Exit question for Time magazine: Is Olby still merely approaching self-parody or has he with this at last attained full-fledged self-parodic nirvana?