Video: Knesset applauds Bush's condemnation of appeasement

Another one from Goldfarb. Oh, come now. What would Israelis know about the dangers of appeasement?

A serious definitional question: What separates “appeasement” from negotiation generally? The right, I take it, would characterize negotiations with any aggressor as appeasement since it creates a perverse incentive by rewarding a malefactor for misbehavior. Want to talk to President Obama? Simple: Start your own nuclear program, build a proxy army in a neighboring state (or better yet, two neighboring states) and wait for him to beat a path to your door. The left, I’m guessing, would define the term more narrowly, as negotiation with an aggressor without a demand that he concede anything already gained. Signing a peace deal with Hitler in exchange for his promise that he won’t do anything bad from now on would be appeasement; signing a peace deal with him in exchange for his withdrawal from Czechoslovakia wouldn’t. Under which category, I wonder, would a “grand bargain” that Iran naturally proceeds to cheat on fall?

Exit question: Is that Elie Wiesel applauding at 0:46?