Video: O'Reilly on his "Inside Edition" meltdown

It’s tucked away at the end of this latest edition of Hammertime. Skip ahead to 5:00 if you’re pressed for time or else settle in for (a) yet another tiresome Kos/David Duke analogy; (b) applause for a proposed New York State law that will make it a felony to videotape violent assaults — like, say, the Rodney King beating — and upload them to the Internet, at least until the statute’s inevitably struck down as unconstitutional; and (c) a quick take on the “Battle at Kruger” clip that I was the last person in America to see, during which MK pops off a one-liner that reduces Papa Bear to laughter — moments after he wonders whether our enjoyment of wildlife video proves how bloodthirsty we are. He’s kidding. I think.

As for the meltdown, you’ll be pleased to see that it’s handled with good humor. Exit question: Tomorrow night — the remix?