Video: Jew-hating rabbit reminisces with grandpa about place that never existed

The perfect complement to our last post. Iraq has no mass media means of jihadist indoctrination so the mujahedeen put their toddlers to use now; the Palestinians do have the means so they can take the long view and nurture grievances with a generational sweep. Our protagonist here you’ll remember as Assud, the Jew-hating rabbit, who wants nothing more in life than to return to his ancestral homeland and also maybe to kill the occasional western infidel who insults Islam. “Have you gone senile?” he asks of grandpa, caught up in a reverie about the displacement that forever ruined their lives and the lives of every Palestinian who’ll ever be born unto infinity unless/until Israel is destroyed. And the answer is: yes, grandpa has gone senile if he sincerely believes Tel Aviv was an Arab city rather than one founded by Zionist Jews in the early 20th century. But the big lie serves Hamas’s ends so on it goes, hardening hatred of Israel as a den of thieves until Barack Obama is elected and melts everyone’s hearts and the right of return is happily forfeited and the golden age of dialogue begins.

Exit question: The voice + the absurdity of the situation = you laughed, didn’t you? And not for the first time, either. Click the image to watch.