Video: Gazans running phone bank for Obama

I saw this last month, forgot about it, and now Philip Klein’s jogging everyone’s memory in the wake of that Hamas spokesman saying he wouldn’t be opposed to an Obama presidency. Consider this an extreme illustration of that LA Times article I link every time the subject of Obama and Israel comes up: Even in the heart of Hamastan, despite his endless pro-Zionist rhetoric, there’s something about Barry that’s got Palestinians convinced he’s going to do right by them. Maybe it’s the same mindless messianism that informs the American left’s hero-worship of him, maybe it has to do with his exotic ancestry (a possibility acknowledged by Obama himself), or maybe they’re just paying attention to the ever more nuanced proposals his advisors are putting forth by way of a settlement. Only one thing’s for certain: Per the “Obama rules,” this is all just a fearmongering distraction designed to keep us from focusing on the Middle East by, er, focusing us on the Middle East.