Paul: Obama's the best choice on foreign policy

CNN thought it was significant enough to flag. Is it? If I’d asked you before this which of the three his own speak-no-evil foreign policy was most in line with — Maverick, the Iron Maiden, or the guy whose idea of “aggressive” action towards Iran involves sitdowns at the White House — what would you have guessed? Mind you, this is a guy who, for reasons known only to himself, believes that Iran is “incapable” of attacking its neighbors, nuke program, missile program, and terrorist proxies be damned.

He’s careful to emphasize that this isn’t an endorsement but he also notes that Iraq is what drove him into the race in the first place. Exit question: Are there any circumstances in which Paul might back Obama publicly, one would-be messiah to another? Certainly not now, while he’s still angling for some kind of role at the convention, and probably not afterwards, with Bob Barr as an alternative and his disciples doubtless eager to know why he’d choose the liberal over the libertarian. But if Barr drops out, why not pull a Zell Miller and cross over? E.g., “It’s with a heavy heart that I’m forced to endorse someone with whom I disagree about so much, but stopping the imperial neocon military-industrial war machine is a matter of such urgency that yadda yadda yadda.” Remember, Paul’s first, last, and only task in politics at this point is accruing influence for the rEVOLution. If they’re frozen out by the GOP, the only way left is … left. Or a third-party run, natch.

If you’re one of the dwindling few still experiencing problems with RedLasso even after updating your Flash software, just follow the CNN link and watch the clip there.