Open thread: O'Reilly vs. Hillary; Update: Chummy video added! Update: Shock poll -- Hillary 44, Obama 42 in NC

8 p.m. ET on Fox, of course. Weak fare for an open thread, admittedly, but the freak show aspect of two egos large enough to have their own gravitational fields colliding makes it must-watch. We’re bound to have some sort of video later, too, so might as well toss up a post now. And the Hammer’s on tonight, so stay tuned in if you want to watch Bill tut-tut her over those Miley Cyrus peekaboo photos circulating on the Net, all of which will be duly displayed onscreen while the two banter.

How is FNC promoting the segment, you ask? Why, with body language analysis, of course. Poor Martha.

Update: No killer soundbites, although Her Majesty did defend her socialist plan to take oil companies’ windfall profits just because they’re way too much in her considered judgment. The most striking thing about the interview, though, was how well she and O’R got along. God help me, she almost seemed charming at times. This may be her first Factor interview but doubtless it won’t be her last. Second look at — gasp — Hillary?


Update: Good lord — Hillary leads in North Carolina? She was down 15 points in the same poll two weeks ago.