The obligatory "DNC ad runs footage of soldiers being bombed in Iraq" post

Everyone’s already written about it. Even I’ve already written about it. I agree with Ace: If the Democrats want to make their case with images of American suffering and let the chips fall where they may, have at it. The bombing sequence didn’t give me pause when I wrote about the spot over the weekend; considering that only one of the 57 comments to that post mentioned it, it looks like it didn’t give most of you pause either. What’s offensive isn’t the footage, it’s the left’s insane hypocrisy in wetting its pants over a one-second image of Osama Bin Laden in Hillary’s attack ad while shrugging off stuff like this as simple yet powerful doses of reality to awaken a complacent public. If McCain went the route Ace suggests and inserted images of 9/11 jumpers in one of his ads, Arianna Huffington would need smelling salts and Olbermann would have to allot an extra hour for “Countdown” to accommodate his rage. Meanwhile, the DNC could show a Marine getting his head blown off and Chris Matthews would ask the Hardball panel, “Doesn’t America need to see this?”