Video: Ron Paul pretty excited about losing Pennsylvania by 57 points

What’s that you say? You thought the rEVOLution was over? Alas, no: It won’t really be over until we’re back on the gold standard, the last monk in Tibet is in jail, and we’re all living on libertarian kibbutzes. Until then, “the campaign is alive and well.” Would he be running radio ads if it wasn’t?

Seriously, it’s not encouraging that Maverick can’t break 75% in a battleground state when he’s already got the nomination locked up. That’s a lot of protest votes, especially with Paul still being coy about a third-party run. The Politico piece makes it sound like his campaign wants some kind of role at the convention as the price for not being a thorn in McCain’s side in November. Is McCain, the Iraq stalwart, really going to agree to that? Can he afford not to?

Exit question exhortation: Order yours today!