New Hillary ad: Obama's too wimpy

Nowhere is His Holiness explicitly mentioned but given that this is the same point Hillary made on Friday in the course of knocking him for whining about the debate, the inference is clear enough. First the 3 a.m. ad, now this: It’s awfully sporting of her to keep making the case for John McCain.

If you want to see what a cool, tough, capable leader she’ll be under fire, sift through this latest gossipy expose from TNR about the train wreck that is her campaign. The juiciest parts have to do with Mark Penn, who comes off as a borderline lunatic, but wade down about three-quarters of the way for a snapshot of what a headache Billy Jeff has been, from insinuating his advisors into the chain of command to stumbling into one soundbite clusterfark after another on the trail. I’m tellin’ all y’all, it’s sabotage.