New Hillary ad: Obama's lying about not taking money from big oil

So he is, so he is. The beginning of tonight’s debate will be all about the Bitter but expect this to factor as a subplot, especially as a rejoinder if/when Obama goes after her for her shameless lying about Tuzla. He can’t afford not to; it’s destroying her credibility with the public. The curious thing about his oil nonsense is that it’s such a minor issue, in no way instrumental to his campaign, and yet as you’ll see at the end of his response ad below, he’s still hammering away about having taken no money from oil PACs and lobbyists. The PAC point is irrelevant for the reason suggested in Hillary’s ad — namely, that oil industry employees can raise a lot more for him by bundling — and the lobbyist point, to quote FactCheck, is a case of “hair-splitting.” The smart thing to do would be to simply back away from the claim and eliminate his exposure, but instead he makes the same mistake he made with distorting McCain’s “100 years” comment — he doubles down and ends up getting embarrassed by the press. A weird habit for a “pretty darn good politician.”

How much oil money has Hillary taken, you ask? At last check, almost $90,000 more than Obama. You might hear that mentioned tonight, too.