Video: Defender of the common man jeered for knocking Obama's elitism

Think you’ll be seeing this clip on Olbermann’s show tonight? Think he’ll deign to note Team Hillary’s claim that the jeers were organized by Obama’s SEIU boosters, an allegation reported by
Olby’s own network but not-so-curiously omitted from other reports of the incident?

My hunch, notwithstanding the dismal poll news for His Holiness this morning, is that Bittergate won’t help her much. There’s new data out from Gallup suggesting as much, but you don’t need it. Just watch the clip. She can’t sell this message. BJ could have sold it; Silky could have sold it, palatial home or no. But Her Majesty? Who once sneered at stay-at-home moms for choosing cookie-baking over work? Only John Kerry among major Democrats is less suited for this line of attack. Even she seems to sense the absurdity, which is why her criticism of him seems so lukewarm and soft-spoken even though the situation calls for high dudgeon. (That’s not the only reason, of course. To really hammer him, as Kaus does towards the end of his post, she’d have to wonder aloud what sorts of insecurities elite liberalism might spring from, a crime for which the left would never forgive her.) Beyond that, though, the politics of authenticity insulate Obama uniquely from this charge. He can’t be snobbish or “out of touch,” by definition: He’s a liberal and a minority. QED. Michael Steele, though? Every bit the disdainful elitist sellout that Obama isn’t, purely by virtue of his party affiliation. Challenging that line of thinking in a Democratic primary would be tough for anyone, but for Hillary, whose perceived phoniness is her defining public trait? Impossible.

Speaking of which, here’s the Messiah having a laugh at the latest manifestation of that phoniness this morning in Pennsylvania. There’s no punchline; there doesn’t need to be. The idea of Hillary knocking back shots at the local pub with the hoi polloi is all he needs. Exit question: Don’t you hate it when candidates pull these embarrassing, man-of-the-people photo ops? Click the image to watch.