Heart-ache: Tancredo supporting McCain

Krikorian thinks it’s all about making nice with party leaders ahead of his possible senate run two years from now, but I suspect that’s wishful thinking from an anti-amnesty stalwart choking on the news. The truth is, unlike Hillary, Tanc’s never had any difficulty grasping political reality. When he had to choose between slogging on with his campaign or doing what he could to boost a strong immigration candidate in a better position, he went the latter route. When the Democrats took back Congress two years ago, he made some noise about having to compromise on a guest-worker program. Now, suddenly, he’s in the same position as the rest of us vis-a-vis Captain Amnesty. And like 99% of us, he’s doing What Must Be Done:

Tancredo, who once told a national television audience he was “sick and tired” of having to choose between the lesser of two evils, said Thursday he’ll go ahead and back his longtime immigration-reform foe, McCain, because he thinks either of the Democratic alternatives would be worse.

“Sometimes I say to myself, ‘Can I really do this?’ ” Tancredo said of supporting McCain. “And then you listen to Obama or Hillary and say, ‘Yeah, I have to.'”…

Despite [Bob] Barr’s immigration stands, Tancredo said he could not support him because of his foreign policy stands, including “a blind spot on radical Islam.”…

Tancredo said he’s not endorsing McCain, just “supporting” his general election candidacy.

And what’s the difference? “The distinction is that one implies a little more enthusiasm,” Tancredo said.

McCain must be jazzed to have the support of a guy who once said of him, “If Senator McCain and Senator Kennedy spent as much time working on improving border security as they did poll testing creative euphemisms for amnesty, America would be a much safer place.” And Tanc in turn must be jazzed to be supporting a guy who once reacted to his call for a moratorium on legal immigration at one of the debates by saying, “It’s beyond my realm of thinking.” But then, Obama did say he was going to heal America. Here’s where the healing begins, my friends.

Exit question one: Think we’ll be seeing any press releases about this from Maverick HQ? It’ll do wonders for his appeal to Hispanics and independents. Exit question two: Given that the boss is momentarily but officially neutral as between Hillary and McCain, does this mean the man we know as Tancelot is actually to her left?