Stupid: Hillary gets another 3 a.m. phone call -- about mortgages; Update: McCain to issue response ad

That meeting on interest rates couldn’t wait ’til breakfast, I guess. Our gal’s circling the drain so let’s indulge her this fantasia, in which she’s somehow won the nomination and now has to start worrying about John McCain’s very straight talk on this subject (to which the public might be surprisingly receptive). What’s her thinking here? A goodwill gesture to the left by focusing her bile on the Republicans instead of Obama for once? Or an audition tape for the superdelegates, to make the thought of her as nominee slightly less strange than it is now? Whichever it is, I hope it was worth peeling off a few bills from that ever shrinking bankroll of hers.

Exit question: Maybe the call’s from her campaign manager to tell her that she’s rich?

Update: John Dickerson of Slate puts the same question to Hillary’s team that he put after the original 3 a.m. ad, i.e. when has she ever had to answer the phone? No pause this time, but no good answer either.

Update: Halperin reports that Maverick’s got a response ad in the works and has a copy of the script. Cheeky. I like it.