WaPo: Did U.S. troops shoot at Iraqi bus? Milblogger who was there: Er, no

A few weeks old but rescued from oblivion by Greyhawk at the Mudville Gazette. Here’s the WaPo account of the attack, which killed 16 people, and here’s the rejoinder a few days later from Toby Nunn, whose unit responded at the scene in support of the IA. In fairness, they’ve got two different eyewitnesses blaming the U.S. for the explosion; in unfairness, neither one of those “eyewitnesses” actually saw Americans shooting at the bus, which makes the claim that they’re “one hundred percent” sure rather highly nuanced. What to do when you’re potentially sitting on the next Haditha blockbuster? Well, what you don’t do is ask any of the guys in the unit itself what happened; get a pro forma denial from a spokesman instead. Take it away, Toby.