Video: Hillary supporter Ed Rendell salutes the fair and balanced coverage ... of Fox News

The clip aired yesterday morning but crap-eating like this shouldn’t pass unremarked upon, even if we are a day late. Any reason to believe Rendell’s assessment is correct? Yeah, actually, but praise for FNC is a leftist heresy so vile that even a throwaway comment like this qualifies as newsworthy. There’s more here than meets the eye, of course (Doocy’s one-liner alludes to the background), but how far has Hillary’s standing with liberals deteriorated if one of her most prominent supporters, the governor of a state with an upcoming primary no less, is willing to blaspheme like this publicly? And how gutless does she look in hindsight for letting Silky Pony demagogue her into skipping that Fox News debate last year?

Here’s the clip and below it the response from one of the chief reasons Rendell was willing to take this shot. Olby was front-running for months for his pals the Clintons and now he’s front-running for Obama; rest assured, if there was any chance she might stage a comeback, that grotesque, self-parodic rant he laid on her a few weeks ago never would have happened.