Video: Modern-day Murrow hints that McCain needs adult diapers

The video’s here. Didn’t Murrow himself make a joke in this vein in Harvest of Shame? Something about how the abysmal treatment of migrant workers in this country should make us want to collectively “fudge our Huggies”? Am I misremembering that?

I’m going to apply the Rhodes rule here and give Olby a pass on grounds that he’s clearly joking and none of us would blink at a similar crack made by a friend except to note how lame and tired the insult is. “But AP, he’s a professional newscaster!” Well, no, he isn’t, really. As I’ve said before, his show is more properly thought of as a nutroots vlog, replete with Pretty Vicious Rants and Important Action Alerts in the form of special comments, and this sort of thing is perfectly at home on blogs. You know what you’re getting when you tune him in, and it ain’t news.

Besides, it’s so tame by his standards. When he’s ready to go after McCain with kindergarten potshots, you’ll know it.