Game over: Obama gains 11 points in North Carolina since speech

Dave Weigel e-mails with the exciting conclusion to last week’s narrowing of the gap by Her Majesty in NC. She was down by one in the previous PPP poll; now she’s down … 21. (Her lead among whites is down from 56-30 to 47-40.) Question: Was it the speech that did it or the fact that Obama spent a few days in Carolina last week, choosing Fayetteville as the location for his big Iraq address? Answer: It doesn’t matter. Her only chance was to convince the superdelegates that the Wright thing’s hurt Obama so terribly badly that voters are turning on him en masse. Whichever interpretation you choose for these results, that’s obviously not happening. So let’s revise David Brooks’s estimate in the Times this morning. If she woke up with a five percent shot at the nomination, we’ll call it one percent now.

Any good news here? Just this, and it’s only good in a Muntzian “HA-ha” way at Silky’s expense. Mind you, Carolina’s his home state:


Exit question quotation: “At some point we will get their NCAA bracket and it will be determined that whoever picked the most number of winning teams will get the nomination.”

Update: Corroborating evidence that the speech at least didn’t hurt him — he’s back on top in the Gallup national poll.