CBS reporter on Hillary's Bosnia trip: Yes, I can confirm she's a shameless liar

This may be a rare case of YouTube leading broadcast news by the nose. The CBS footage excerpted here has been burning up the Net for the past three days, in ways both serious and not. The clip shown below didn’t air until tonight. Where’d the YT footage come from, then? If I had to guess, from CBS’s website: They do a superb, unmatched job of archiving old video, so much so that someone probably dug around on the site, found the old Tuzla footage, and downloaded it for editing/transfer. And so it came to be that Her Majesty was forced to grit her teeth and acknowledge her “misstatement”, the grand fraud that is her alleged “foreign policy experience” having been duly exposed.

She looks great in those shades, though, doesn’t she? You’re the coolest failed incompetent candidate in the schoolyard, Hillary.