Shareholder to Disney: Sell me the rights to "Path to 9/11" so I can put it on DVD

The uproar over this has been lost in the shuffle of a thousand other outrages since, which is too bad: Threatening Disney’s broadcast license for airing it really was one of the Democrats’ filthiest moments of the past two years, of a piece with every Fairness-type speech-squashing rumble that rolls through their side from time to time. The debate’s since moved on to the curious fact that Disney has yet to issue PT9/11 on DVD, despite the fact that it cost $40 million to make and aired without commercials. Granted, the ratings were disappointing, but Disney should want to recoup some of that investment, right?


[Disney shareholder and portfolio manager Tom] Borelli has now told The Washington Times he plans to make an offer to buy the DVD rights to “Path,” an Emmy-winning miniseries that prompted fury among Democrats for its depiction of the Clinton administration as dithering and adrift in the face of the growing threat from radical Islamic terrorism…

Mr. Borelli said he suspects the decision not to release “Path” is related to Sen. Hillary Clinton’s presidential ambitions. [Disney chairman Robert] Iger has donated money to Mrs. Clinton’s Senate campaigns…

Citing the costs involved in marketing a DVD, [Disney VP Zenia] Mucha said the potential return wasn’t worth the investment, “given the performance of the miniseries.” She added that Disney’s board of directors had the chance to consider the arguments for releasing the DVD version of “Path.”

It’s unclear why “Path” would require the marketing investment of a typical DVD release, given the extraordinary levels of news media exposure it has received as a result of the political controversy…

William Triplett, a District-based reporter for entertainment industry bible Variety, said Disney’s argument that it wants to avoid controversial material is consistent with its position regarding “Fahrenheit 9/11.” Disney originally owned the rights to that film, but the company decided not to distribute it.

However, Disney did allow producer Harvey Weinstein to buy and distribute “Fahrenheit” via his Miramax division, establishing a precedent for selling the distribution rights to “Path,” Mr. Triplett said.

If you’ve never seen it, the last half-hour is fantastic. Start with part two, section 13 (in the second row) and keep going through the end.