Heart-ache: Jailed Al Qaeda capos complain British prisons are "too white"

They’ve caught a beating or two from the other inmates, which, it seems, must be due to racism. Really? Prisons have always had codes by which certain types of offenders deemed especially contemptible by the other cons — pedophiles, most notably — are singled out for rough treatment. Might international terrorists also fall within that category?

I guess if objecting to the hijab as anti-feminist is “Islamophobic” then picking a fight with a guy for working for Osama is “prejudiced.”

Two of Britain’s most dangerous terrorists have been moved to different prisons after complaining their fellow inmates were “too white”…

They said they were at risk from other inmates – who are predominantly white – and claimed the environment was “dangerous” to ethnic minority prisoners. It is thought they had received death threats and attacks.

Although their requests were initially turned down, Barot, who is serving a minium of 30 years, has since been moved to Belmarsh in south-east London

Barot’s solicitor Miss Mudassar Arani, asked if his client could be removed from Frankland prison after a fellow inmate threw boiling water and oil over him last July…

[S]he alleged there was a “white supremacist” culture at Frankland and called for the creation of Muslim-only prisons.

It is understood that Barot was originally housed in Belmarsh prison before being moved to Frankland for radicalising other inmates.

So they moved him back to the prison where he was having success turning people to jihad. Here’s a little added gloss on the story, from the Guardian last month. Are the other inmates brutalizing Barot and company — or vice versa? Quote:

In recent weeks three disturbances have taken place at [Frankland]. The Prison Officers Association (POA) said many of those involved had been moved to Frankland from Belmarsh Prison in London. ‘They don’t want to be in Frankland; they want to be in Belmarsh with their friends. They are getting more organised and want to be together in one place, which is scary,’ said Steve Gough, vice-chairman of the POA…

Last month Khyam was alleged to have scalded another inmate, Malcolm Cruddas, an armed robber.

Exit question: You remember Dhiren Barot, don’t you? Sure you do.