Rasmussen: Obama loses five "favorable" points in four days; Update: Hillary 47, Obama 45, says Gallup

It’s my solemn duty as one of “Hillary’s new conservative friends” to relay these numbers with a salacious mmmm yeah:

Most voters, 56%, said Wright’s comments made them less likely to vote for Obama. That figure includes 44% of Democrats. Just 11% of voters say they are more likely to vote for Obama because of Wright’s comments.

However, among African-Americans, 29% said Wright’s comments made them more likely to support Obama. Just 18% said the opposite while 50% said Wright’s comments would have no impact…

Last Thursday, 52% of voters nationwide had a favorable opinion of Obama. That figure has fallen to 47% on Monday (see recent daily results).

Does this thing have legs? If you believe Melanie Morgan, Bob Beckel thinks it’s game over. I think he’s nuts. We’re a month out from the next primary, one in which Obama already trails badly so he has an excuse for a landslide loss already built in. Thanks to Ferraro and Billy Jeff’s fat mouth, Hillary can’t push this the way she otherwise might lest she be accused again of racial demagoguery, so she’s got three options: (a) cross her fingers and hope that the media somehow doesn’t get bored with this story over the next four weeks; (b) trust idiots like this to defend Wright publicly, thereby keeping his message of hope and racial retribution front and center; or (c) find a way to place Obama in the audience of one of Wright’s choicer sermons and leak it to the press around, oh, say, April 19. If none of the above happen, she’ll probably still win by a few extra points in Pennsylvania (thanks to her hundreds of thousands of midwestern crossovers), but Obama’s got a safety net two weeks later in North Carolina, where he’s up eight points. Can he hold onto that lead for six more weeks or is this the beginning of the end? Vote it out, baby!

Update: Needless to say, one of the superdelegates’ biggest fears in handing the nomination to Hillary would be alienating black supporters of the guy who won the most delegates, most states, and (probably) the popular vote and yet somehow still wasn’t good enough for the establishment. Given the racial split noted by Rasmussen, wouldn’t torpedoing him over his Wright baggage actually compound that? He was associated with a black nationalist — and therefore they had to nominate the white woman?

Update: Yesterday? Obama by three. Today? Hillary by two, her first lead nationally since March 6.

Update: Keep it coming!