Obama camp: No, Newsmax, he wasn't there for the sermon on July 22; Update: Newsmax stands by its story, sort of

An (almost) airtight alibi, refuting the charge that he was present in church and nodding along last summer when Wright indicted the “United States of White America.” So much for Newsmax’s credibility. People were ripping on me in the comments to the Juan Williams post for having called the Messiah a shrewd politician but just look at the game he’s got us playing here — trying to place him physically at the scene of any single sermon at a church he patronized for 20 years, as if absent that evidence we might have to believe his feigned ignorance. Newsmax’s info was bogus? Well, maybe he really didn’t know after all!

Actually, I like this explanation better. Wait for it. About halfway through.

Update: Rasmussen measures the radiation.

Update: Via Ace, here’s Newsmax’s defense. They swear it’s all true, they’re just, er, not entirely sure anymore when it happened. Next.