Video: Modern-day Murrow emotes grotesquely over Clinton and Ferraro; Update: We're still big fans, says Hillary toady

Time once again for the TV equivalent of the patented nutroots Pretty Vicious Rant and Important Action Alert, although let it be noted that this comment’s more “special” than usual: Not only is the target a Democrat and married to the man on whom Olby lavished his most spectacular display of leftist ass-kissing, but if what he says at the beginning is to be believed, HRC is herself a fan of his performance art pieces. That bit of karmic sweetness makes it go down relatively smoothly. As usual, you’re advised to read the (helpfully annotated) transcript at Olby Watch before viewing, as there’s simply no way to follow what he’s saying amid the distracting spectacle of facial tics, camera pivots, vocal modulation, and other clumsy theatrics he uses to affect indignation. Anyone who’s spent time on a Catholic high-school speech and debate team will recognize this instantly as typical of Original Oratory competitions, where bad, overwrought acting earns big points and the only limit on emoting is your imagination. No one does that derivative, look-down-and-turn-away “good night and good luck” closer as world-wearily as you, Kayo.

Oh, his point? Geraldine Ferraro sounds like David Duke and the fact that Hillary Clinton criticized her, apologized to black voters for BJ’s Jesse Jackson/Obama remark, and accepted Ferraro’s resignation from the campaign isn’t nearly, remotely enough.

Update: What a feeble little tool:

On a conference call just now, to Howard Wolfson responded to Ben’s inquiry about Keith Olbermann’s characterization that the campaign was “awash in filth.”

“We obviously vigorously disagree with that observation,” said Wolfson. “Although many of us remain fans of Keith and enjoy watching the show on nights other than last night.”