Video: Crist pounds the table again about seating Florida's delegates

A reprise of Sunday’s performance timed perfectly to capitalize on Her Majesty’s sudden (fleeting) momentum in the race. He has some help this time: Michigan’s governor, Jennifer Granholm, is pounding that table right along with him. Can you guess who she’s supporting for president? Right.

They’re playing chicken with our pal Dean-o at the DNC here, insisting that their states can’t possibly afford to hold new primaries — it’d cost Florida $18 mil and Michigan $10 mil — so unless the DNC wants to pick up the tab, it can either seat the delegates from the original primaries or disenfranchise five million people. Dean, for his part, says he won’t change the rules in the middle of the game and party officials say they won’t (and probably can’t) pay for do-overs in states that didn’t follow the rules the first time. Dean’s solution? Punt the question to the state parties and let them choose whether to take their chances with the national credentials committee (which gets to decide whether to seat the delegates) at the convention or come up with some sort of cheapie, downsized do-over plan that someone might be able to pay for. Surprisingly, Granholm’s entertaining the latter idea in the form of a caucus. Er, doesn’t Obama typically crush Hillary in caucuses? Now’s not the time to go wobbly, governor.

Barring the unlikely intercession of the other leftist Messiah, there’s no easy solution. Anyone want to predict who wins this game of chicken? I’m guessing they’ll compromise and re-vote just to minimize the political damage and that Hillary will go along, since she’ll have enough headaches trying to win the nomination on the backs of the superdelegates that she won’t necessarily want to be saddled with “tainted” delegates from Florida and Michigan too. Exit question: Who’s going to pay for it, though? Does that Soros money machine have $30 million to burn?