NEFA Foundation sources: Fat traitor is indeed dead

I’m away from the site tomorrow and wanted to end the week on a good note. Early rumors said dead; follow-up rumors said dead; late-breaking rumors said dead; Al Qaeda sources said alive; and now late late-breaking rumors say … still dead. From the NEFA report:

Twelve militants were killed in a single missile attack on a residential compound in Khushali Wazir in the Mirali tehsil during the night of January 28. A loud explosion rocked the area at 11:22 p.m. According to well-informed NEFA sources in Pakistan, among those reportedly killed in the attack were senior al-Qa’ida commander Abu Laith al-Libi, his former deputy Abu Suhail, Hamza al-Somali (of Australian or US nationality), and Azzam al-Amriki (an a.k.a. of American al-Qa’ida member Adam Gadahn) [Gadahn’s death has yet to be officially confirmed]. Abu Ubayda Tawari Rakhis al-Mutairi and “Abu Adil”, both from Kuwait, were also reported killed in the attack—along with at least at least three Uzbek nationals. On January 30, the bodies of the 12 foreigners were retrieved and buried in a local graveyard. A large number of local militants had surrounded the site and cordoned it off.

Same exit question as in every other post about this: Why hasn’t AQ gone public about it yet? Even if there wasn’t enough left of him to scrape together a positive ID, he’ll have been missing over a month now. Surely someone put two and two together.

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