Charlie Crist: Gosh darn it, Hillary's primary victory in Florida should count

The Limbaugh strategy in action: The longer and bloodier the Democratic primary, the better it is for the GOP, which is why now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of Her Majesty. Witness, then, the spectacle of a Republican governor — touted as a running mate for McCain, no less — making the case not only for the state’s delegates to be seated by the DNC but for it to happen without the re-vote that’s increasingly expected to occur if Hillary pulls the upset tomorrow and starts pounding the table about Florida and Michigan.

Would the Democrats really what a Republican care thinks? No, but they might care what Floridians think. And a guy with a ~70% approval rating, whose endorsement of McCain was “important” to 42% of Republican primary voters, is in a good position to influence a lot of Floridians.