Audio: A very special message from Obama's pastor; Update: Or is it?

Old old old news — so old, in fact, that Rolling Stone covered it in February of last year — but thanks to McCain’s Hagee-related jerkiness and the left’s highly nuanced dudgeon about it, everything old is new again. “Say, big A, doesn’t that make this a tu quoque?” Yes and no: Obama buddying up to Wright doesn’t let Maverick off the hook, and it surely doesn’t make His Holiness responsible for everything Wright’s said (although follow the link to Protein Wisdom and judge for yourself which man is closer personally to the ‘monger of his choice), but it does remind us that indignation about hate-by-association tends, curiously, to be more partisan than one might otherwise predict.

Dan Collins says he’s keen to have this list of fun facts about America presented to Obama for approval or disagreement, but I’m willing to compromise on just the one asserting that “we started the AIDS virus.” Your exit question: If “I don’t agree with everything he says” works for liberal Jesus, how come it doesn’t work for McCain?

Update: A reader e-mails to say the clip isn’t of Jeremiah Wright but of Granderson Wright and offers these two clips for comparison. I can’t tell; Rolling Stone evidently thinks it’s Jeremiah since they haven’t updated their story and surely would have been tipped to this by now. In any case, exercise caution. And do read the Protein Wisdom links, as the objections to Obama’s association with Wright hardly hinge on this clip.