Obama to co-sponsor bill clarifying McCain's citizenship status

Via S&L, a typically shrewd move by the Messiah on three counts — blunting any criticism of his own citizenship status; showing himself to be as magnanimous towards his opponent as Maverick was after l’affaire Cunningham; and avoiding any potential confrontation foisted on him by his dimmer supporters who’d dare challenge McCain’s right to American citizenship based on his military pedigree.

Sen. Barack Obama’s campaign announced he would co-sponsor legislation introduced yesterday by his political ally Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) to ensure that John McCain can become president, even though he was born in the Panama Canal Zone.

“Senator McCain has earned the right to be his party’s nominee, and no loophole should prevent him from competing in this campaign,” Obama said.

Also, he gets another bill with his name on it signed into law. This makes what now? Two?

Update: A commenter complains that Congress can’t define “natural born citizen” since it’s a constitutional phrase and thus falls within the purview of the Supremes. Yes, true, the Court has final say, but the Court isn’t about to snatch citizenship from the children of military families and having a co-equal branch on record as supplying a definition makes it easier to defer.

Jazz Shaw May 16, 2022 12:41 PM ET