Geraldine Ferraro: If Obama weren't black and male, Hillary would be winning

The occasion? Rep. John Lewis finally cementing his kinda sorta maybe defection from Team Loser to Team Obama this morning, a move that would have opened the floodgates for superdelegate switches if not for the fact that Clinton 2008’s going to be euthanized anyway in six days. How broken up about it is he? Dude: “Lewis has said his decision to change from Clinton to Obama was harder then his march across the bridge in Selma 43 years ago when he was beaten and bloodied by Alabama State Troopers.”

What’s a Hillary supporter to do? Comes a woman bearing two cards, race in her right hand, gender in her left, and laying them upon the table. Blue on blue. Who will answer? Click the image to listen.

Update: Belated exit question: Where would Hillary be if she wasn’t Mrs. Bill Clinton?