Are you ready for Senator Huckabee?

Neither am I, but the incumbent’s vulnerable, we’re desperate for seats, and Huck’s national profile is now sufficiently high that he could march home and put Pryor back on his heels quick-like. Brian Faughnan makes a compelling case, particularly re: Huck using four years in the Senate to pound the table about border enforcement and winning the war to shore up his conservative cred for another presidential run 2012. Even if you think it’d be insincere (as I do), we could do worse than having a media darling with preternatural communication skills on TV every other day arguing our position. SECOND LOOK AT CONSOLATION PRIZE FOR HUCKABEE!

Main problem: The filing deadline is March 10. Texas and Ohio are March 4. If McCain beats him in both states, which is highly likely, can he credibly turn on a dime after weeks of Aguirre-esque rhetoric and decide no, in fact, what he really wanted to do is be a senator? Especially after having said just last week that he’d rather dye his hair green than run for the seat? Note to Huck: Conan O’Brien doesn’t need a sidekick.