Obama supporter's memory refreshed: Oh, those accomplishments

Noteworthy mainly for the extent of the self-deprecation. Genuine remorse at having inadvertently humiliated his guy in front of MSNBC’s three viewers, do you think? Or circumstantial evidence of the kind of abuse this poor tool must be taking today from the other disciples for having blasphemed the holy name?

[M]y mind went blank. I expected to be asked about the primary that night, or the big one coming up in Texas on March 4, or just about anything else in the news. When the subject changed so emphatically, I reached for information that millions of my fellow Obama supporters could recite by heart, and I couldn’t summon it…

Had I not lost my mind, here are the accomplishments I would have mentioned…

In the meantime, let’s not lose focus on what’s important in this election. It’s not my stunning televised defeat in “Stump the Chump.”

[H]e has the record to prove that all of this is possible. It’s something no one should forget.

. . . Even though I did.

. . . On national television.

Follow the link for a short yet still nearly exhaustive list of Obama’s policy achievements; the one thing he really is known for — opposing the war from the outset — is oddly omitted. Serious question: Why are his supporters so paranoid about claiming he has a record worthy of the presidency? The whole point of his appeal is that he doesn’t. “Change,” right? Fresh start. Young, new day, new horizons, outsider coming in, etc. If voters cared about experience, Joe Biden and Bill Richardson would be locked in the death struggle for delegates right now, not Her Majesty and His Holiness. People vote mostly for narrative and personality, at least within the primaries. Why not just admit it? And, much more importantly, learn from it?

Exit question: If millions of Obama supporters are able to recite his many impressive accomplishments by heart, how come Hannity and Luntz have yet to stumble onto one of them in those focus groups? Same deal as this guy, maybe? Just give them a few hours and it’ll come to them?