Breaking: Romney to endorse McCain; Update: Romney for VP? Update: Mitt to "release" delegates?

3:30 p.m. in … Boston. Will Maverick be there? Stand by while I look for his schedule.

Look on the bright side, Mittheads. This way he gets to flip the bird to Huckabee before Huck drops out.

Update: McCain’s in Rhode Island and Vermont today so yeah, surely he’ll be detouring to Massachusetts.

Belated exit question: Would the chosen one really endorse Maverick?

Update: Halperin says Mitt will ask his delegates to vote for McCain at the convention. Assuming they do, that leave McCain with 1,113 delegates — 827 of his own plus Romney’s 286. Only 1,191 are needed to clinch.

Update: The only primary between now and Texas/Ohio is next Tuesday in Wisconsin, where 40 delegates are at stake. So unless Huck gets out, the formal clinch will have to wait until March 4.

Update: Memory lane.

Update: My Man Mitt says the Foxies are talking about Mitt as the favorite for VP now. Er, no.

Update: Can Mitt pledge his delegates to McCain or is he reduced to simply asking them to support him? Depends on whether they’re bound or not, which varies by state. Per NBC, most but not all of Mitt’s delegates do appear to be bound; if he says he’s “releasing” them to McCain, that means Maverick can bank them.