Video: Serious, respected political commentator gets misty over Obama

The ‘Busters found it but their clip omits the obligatory comparisons to Lincoln, Churchill, and JFK so here’s the extended cut. This makes three examples of Matthews emoting over Obama on the air in as many weeks, starting with near-tears as the returns came in from New Hampshire and since settling down into him clutching his chest at the mention of Obama’s name and sighing despondently when considering his prospects. The man the nutroots knows as Tweety famously seems to have no internal filter between what passes through his head and what emerges from his mouth, so this sort of cringing adoration is natural to him. But rest assured, you’ll be hearing this same argument in more polished form from every corner of the media if and when the dream is squelched, particularly if it’s a Republican who ends up driving those nine-inch nails into the cross. (Although it probably won’t be.) If it’s Hillary, then this is a sweet narrative indeed: The Democrats have been banking for four years on Hope and Change and Hatred of Bush to send their base into a frenzy for this election, but having “the machine” run over John Henry on her way to the general will provide a nice, dispiriting splash of cold water.

A point left unmade here, as it always, always is: For all the paradigm-shifting magic and wonder of the Obama candidacy, his actual policies are largely indistinguishable from Clinton’s. He’s a “dreamer,” fine. What is it he’s dreaming about that Hillary isn’t?