Video: Hillary plays the snub card!

No direct accusations here as it’d look petty to make a stink about it, but Wallace sets her up to come to Obama’s defense and she pointedly refuses to do so. Message conveyed. If you believe that the tears helped her in New Hampshire then this new round of victimhood is useful, especially as a way of moving the narrative off of Billy Jeff’s race-baiting.

If “sources” are to be believed, it wasn’t the only time he snubbed her that night either. Although I’m skeptical that it was just “leading Democrats” who wanted them to cuddle up; Hillary needs to get back in his supporters’ good graces for the general election and a gauzy unity shot during the SOTU would have helped. No wonder Obama (allegedly) refused to give her cover.

Update: Hillary started it, says Dowd. Besides, who’s the real woman here? “But Obama is the more emotionally delicate candidate, and the one who has the more feminine consensus management style, and the not-blinded-by-testosterone ability to object to a phony war.”